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Supplying Interior Designers and Architects has been our thing since 2000....... We also love dealing with private customers and offer you free Design advice and tips during your selection. We are known as the place to come for special bathroom and interior products for special people.                    Inside you will find.... A hand curated range of bathroom products from the best Designers in the world. Our extensive site showcases the brands that matter. We offer the very best pricing, knowledge and experience you'll find. The Blog gives you the inside track from the World of Bathroom Design (who knew there was even such a thing?). We could just add 'buy it now' prices, but most of our products have many options and are pretty £$?%!$™ sexy so please email or phone us for some loving attention. Check back for regular New sections . Grab that coffee, juice or cake now, sit back and enjoy........  What now? We know that you might not be ready to plan your fantastic bathrooms. You might not even be working on a project right now but we do know that you'll love what we sell and one fine day you may just want to Contact Us                                   

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