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Company founder Del Smith has always had an interest in visually stunning objects. His training in Building Design and hands on experience, have proved invaluable to clients who require a high level of detail and the knowledge of how to achieve it.

When not running the company, he spends time looking after his Vizsla's and listening to Jazz. He's a big fan of classic cars, old furniture and of course modern design.

Over the years we've lost count of how many times we've been asked

"Why 23?"

Here's some answers.........

Planet Earth is tilted at 23Degrees (stops it falling apart).

Man's 1st landing on the Moon was at 23Degrees East, the 2nd was at 23Degrees West. The tropics of Cancer and Capricorn lie at 23 Degrees North and South.

On a beach every 23rd wave is twice as large as the rest.          

You've probably been reading this for 23 seconds!


A little bit of music


          Donald Fagen 'Weather in my head'  

         Average White Band 'Stop the Rain'

         Donald Byrd 'Cristo Redentor'

         Thin Lizzy 'Slow Blues'

         Mr. Fingers and David Hollister 'Love and Justice'  

        Fertile Ground 'Broken Branches'

        Labi Sifre 'The Vulture'  

        Rick James 'Give it to me Baby'  

        Sharon Jones 'I'm not Gonna cry'    

        Fertile Ground 'My friend the moon'

PRESS:    "Dels World" Interview with "Federmobili" Italian Design magazine"