The Agape® Bath range

"I want one, now what can I sell 1st?". "Fantastic Bathroom Ideas that I've not seen anywhere else"

The Agape bath range has long excited anyone looking for a luxury bath as a very special treat or to wow their clients. The Spoon bath is truly an iconic product first seen in 1998. New Agape baths such as Ufo, Vieques, Drop and Cuna have set the bar, offering intriguing options for luxury bathing and timeless Design. Most Agape baths (most of 23Degrees baths infact) are made of Cristalplant which is a blend of marble dust, minerals and resin. It's warm to touch. matt white and smooth and never out of fashion. Waste fittings will match the tap finish or can be matt white. Most Agape baths offer a two colour option with grey exterior colours.

agape spoon xl bath from above

Agape Spoon XL

Agape Spoon XL is one of most popular baths. The half egg shape has been copied more times than we've had hot baths. 181x98x49cm. 3 baths feature in the Agape Spoon range - Spoon, XL and the NEW Spoon Medium bath

agape spoon bath side view
agape spoon bath side view
agape spoon bath side view

Agape Spoon bath

Agape Spoon bath 185x99x44 is a lower and slightly longer version of the Spoon XL. The Pillar tap column is available by special request. Wall or floor mounted taps can be used as shown. *** Special price for our ex-display tub***

agape cuna bath

Agape Cuna bath

Agape Cuna bath by Patricia Urquiola is a project resulting from an in-depth knowledge of materials and production processes, the Cuna bathtub is made of thermoformed Solid Surface material, with supporting structure in tubular stainless steel. Cuna has 3 exterior colour options and the steel outer frame comes in matt white/grey/black or a brushed burnished finishes. 166x79x52cm