23 Highlights from the Bathroom and Interior range by Agape Design

Agape Design is one of our favourite brands and is worthy of it's own micro-site. Clicking on the icons or images takes you to curated highlights of the entire range during our last 20 years of association with the Italian brand. Agape is the choice for artists, photograhers, designers and individual free thinkers. All images courtesy of Agape Design.

Agape Bathroom with Flat XL and 027 mirror cabinet

Agape Washbasins. Agape Nivis free-standing in Carrara

Agape Sanitaryware. Agape Pear wc and bidet

Agape Taps. Agape SEN basin tap

Agape Bathtubs. Agape Spoon Xl bath

Agape Showers. Agape Chioccola perspex shower system

Agape Cabinets. Agape Plus cabinet in light Oak

Agape Mirror cabinets. Agape 027 sliding mirror cabinet

Agape Mirrors. Agape Revolving Moon mirror

Agape Accessories. Agape 369 accessories

Agape Extras. Agape Puzzle extras

Agape Lighting. Agape 369 wall light in polished steel

Agape Flat Xl Furniture programme. Flat XL cabinets and top

Agape Evoluzione programme. Agape Evoluzione basin

Agape Lato programme. Agape Lato cabinet drawer detail

Agape Rigo system. Agape Rigo system

Agape Washbasin/counter-tops. Agape Ell basin top on Lato cabinets

Agape's New Products. Agape Petra concrete basins