The Agape® Extras range

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Agape Constellation Tabletop mirrors and bathroom accessories made of marble with brass details. The post-modern shapes of the collection emphasise the sculptural aspect of smooth marble as if sculpted by water. The objects from the Constellation range are not just destined for the bathroom. Their rounded shapes, cut from strong mirrored surfaces featuring brass closures, inject an eye-catching and functional look to any bathroom, when placed near the bathtub or on a container, but they are also perfect in other parts of the home, when gracing a desk or bookcase. Made of white Carrara or black Marquina marble.

Agape Gemma extra range is the first collaboration between Agape and Sebastian Herkner. Gemma is a range of containers with lids that also act as trays to protect and, at the same time, ensure all the objects and products usually used in a bathroom are readily at your disposal. The trays are made of shiny stainless steel and cover the cylindrical wooden containers that are available with various finishes and in different diameters and heights to make it easy and enjoyable to perform all the usual everyday rituals in the bathroom.

Agape Multifunction. Completely made from white Exmar, this is a useful towel holder and shelf, to be placed near a bathtub or washbasin. Dimensions cm 50 x 30,5d x 73,2cmh

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agape basket

Agape Puzzle. This range of drawer inserts and counter-top organisers complements and finishes of any Agape project perfectly

Agape Basket is a laundry bin that also doubles as stool. It's made of read wood and available in many finishes. Excellent for use alongside the Agape Bath range

Agape Basket shown here in matt white, also comes in Teak, Wenge Dark oak and light oak. Diameter 40x48cmh