Agape® Flat XL Furniture

Agape Flat XL forms the basis of all your storage requirements

Agape Flat XL is a versatile range offering low cabinets under counter-tops, wall mounted cabinets with drawers and doors, under-basin units (waste cut-outs) etc. The Flat XL range is divided up according to the thickness of the counter-top you require. Every Agape finish is available including real Woods, painted RAL colours, Back Painted glass, Parapan and Corian

Agape Flat XLcm top
Agape Flat XL  carrara marble
Agape Flat XL three wood

Agape Flat XL 3CM Tops

Agape Flat XL 3cm Carrara top with an integrated basin which is available in various Agape designs. A strongly contrasting Agape Plus Dark oak cabinet and dark oak 027 mirror cabinet above. White painted cabinet fronts

Agape Flat XL 3cm top in dark oak with dark oak cabinets and polished steel handles. Agape Spoon XL semi-recessed basins allow for full use of the storage

Agape Flat XLsix cm top
Agape Flat XL top with Spoon XL
Agape Flat XL Raso top teak

Agape Flat XL 6cm Tops

Agape Flat XL 6cm top with Agape Spoon XL basin. The top is light oak and uses a support leg on one end. Agape Memory taps and accessories and Agape Plus cabinet

Agape Flat XL 6cm top with integrated Raso basin. This is the Teak wood finish with the white painted cabinet drawer fronts. The internal finish is Teak. Agape SEN tap

Agape Flat XL twelve cm top
Agape Flat XL twelve cm integrated basin
Agape Flat XL  with Bjohn