The Agape® Mirrors range

agape eclissi mirror example
agape fusilli mirror
agape revolving mirror

Agape Eclissi mirror. Two mirrors and just as many layers. Two depths and diameters, 70 and 50 cm, which confrontate themselves for proximity and relative position. The profiles of their bright halo generate surprising contrasts with the elementary geometry of the reflecting surfaces, defined only by the thin sign of the light that reverberate on the edge. 0,6 square metres of reflection in faint overlapping

Agape Fusilli Mirror. Designed in 1997 and still original and fresh. It can be wall mounted or mounted on a marble base for counter-tops. 21cm diameter.

Agape Revolving Moon mirror. Round wall mirror with magnifier mounted on metal bar, adjustable in different positions. The mirror is inspired by the movements of the moon phases. 70cm and 20cm diameters

agape minuetto mirror
agape nudo led mirror
agape solid mirror example

Agape Minuetto. Suspended mirror with white Corian back. 26x40cmh

Agape Nudo LED mirror. LED version of Agape Nudo which can be lit from one or both sides

Agape Solid mirror. Solid recalls a drop of molten metal, but it is made of blown glass: a technique with millennial tradition, combined with the industrial treatment of a “metal coating” that makes the surface become a mirror when the light is switched off and lets the light pass when it is switched on. Also available without illumination. 60x12cm

agape spin mirror
agape memory mirror
agape counter top mounted fusilli mirror

Agape Spin mirror. An adjustable, vertical sliding mirror with birch plywood structure available in various finishes: natural, brown, dark oak veneer or teak or painted white or grey. Two mirror surfaces, one magnifyng. 47x44cmh

Agape Memory mirror. Memory compliments the tap and accessories range. Agape Memory is a circular, square or rectangular mirror with rounded corners, surrounded by a white or black lacquered frame, and can be fitted with LED lighting positioned behind the reflective glass. Also available in a frameless version. As shown: ø 90 cm Mirror with frame black painted and internal LED lighting

Agape Fusilli mirror mounted on Carrara marble base. 20x20cm. Fusilli is magnifyed on one side and is a beautiful dressing/make-up mirror. Shown with Agape Insegna mirror which is suspended and can be upto 2 metres wide