Agape Mirror® cabinets

agape mirror zero twenty seven mirror cabinet example
agape mirror zero twenty seven mirror cabinet example detail
agape mirror zero twenty seven mirror cabinet example side

Agape 027 mirror cabinet system is a compliment to any of the Agape products. It can be used with Flat XL furniture or stand-alone. The industrial standard of construction high-lights the product. Thick stainless steel shelves and double thickness glass are a sure sign of quality.

Agape 027 mirror detail. The 027 features a large expanse of sliding mirror running on smooth runners

Agape 027 mirror cabinet above an Agape Ell basin with marble splashback. Check out the Finishes and Tiles section for details of the wall finish used here

agape mirror twenty six mirror cabinet
Agape four times four mirror cabinet image

Agape 026 Wall mounted storage unit with tilted reversible mirror door and crystal glass handle. Available in natural, brown, dark oak or teak finish. 52x17dx112cmh

Agape 4x4 mirror cabinets. A range of mirrors, lights and storage units based on a 40 cm module available in 40 cm, 80 cm and 120 cm lengths. The support structure in natural anodised aluminium or painted white, forms the basis of a wide range of products which includes mirrors, wall and ceiling-mounted lights, mirrors with integrated lights, storage cabinets with double-sided mirrors and shelves in acid-etched glass. Mirrors, mirrors/light and storage units available in 60 cm width.