The Agape® Shower range

Agape Shower systems have been at the forefront of design ideas and ways to shower. Fittings and the installation are well thought out and nothing comes from the 'parts bin' of shower fittings so often used by other generic brands. Designed and built in house- Unique Agape products. The most used range is the Flat 'D' system as it offers configurations for every instance you can think of. The doors are even well suited to being used as normal internal doors as they have 'invisible' profiles. We have supplied a number of Type B doors for a project that used wood panelling throughout for example

Agape Chiocciola shower system
Agape Chiocciola shower base detail
Agape Chiocciola shower system full side

Agape Chiocciola shower system

Agape Chiocciola shower base detail. The Agape Chiocciola uses a Cristalplant showerbase. The shower can be floor or ceiling mounted. Different configuarations of the screen length exist so it can be free-standing, 1/2 enclosed or built into a wall that follows it's outline

Since 1998 the Agape Chiocciola (Snail) has wowed our customers. Inspired by the perfect geometry of nature, Chiocciola is an island or wall-mounted shower enclosure, formed by a single curved wall in transparent Parapan®. The plate is in white Cristalplant® biobased.The wall in Parapan®, with entrance to the right or to the left, allows you to create a bright and exciting shower environment, in the sign of maximum simplicity and originality. Snail is completed by Agape accessories that can be freely attached to the wall. It's sadly now only available to order for contracts

agape flat d type A

Agape Flat D Showers

The Agape Flat 'D' Showers consist of a fully customisable range of screens, doors, integrated showerheads/supports and bases to fit any space. Bases can be fully recessed or surface-mounted. This images shows a Type A shower with double showerhead/support with Agape SEN and Agape Fez 2 taps

agape flat d type B
agape flat d type C
Agape flat d type

Agape Type B. Agape Type B is a door for recesses and comes with or without shower trays. Can be used as a profile-less door system as an internal door

Agape Type C. Agape Type C is usually used in corners. The entrance can be open as shown or can use a door or shower curtain

Agape Type XG is a simple single partition used to create a screen perpendicular to the wall