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Our selection of showering solutions deserves some special attention. Not all of the options are shown on suppliers websites so it can be difficult to choose if you don't know what's available. We've been selling these products for over a decade so you're in good hands. Over the years we've realised that this can be quite a confusing process for the end user so we've tried to simplify the options. We're showing a small selection of brands and configurations here, but please remember that shower trays/solutions can be made in many sizes/formats to suit your rooms.

Here's some questions to consider...........

1. Do you want the shower head to be fixed to the wall or ceiling? We do some fantastic large ceiling mounting shower panel incorporating lighting or multi spray patterns as seen below

2. Choose the style/range of the shower valve. This is usually the same as the basin/bath taps in the room. We receommend a 'thermostatic' valve for regular use as it's much safer and controllable but manual is fine also.

3. How many outlets do you want? An overhead (wall or ceiling) shower is 1 outlet. Adding a handshower with hose requires 2 outlets. Adding Body jets would need 3 outlets for example. We can select the correct valve for you based on the answer.

4. Size of shower tray required and position? Is it going to be in a corner, middle of a wall or set into a niche (with solid walls on 3 sides). Also consider if you want it fully enclosed with a glass door. A good starting size for a luxury shower tray is **800-900x1200mm (which is the size we'll base list prices shown here on). We can supply trays upto 2.5m long which are great for 'his and her's' showers.

5. What finish do you require for the shower tray? We can offer trays in white cristalplant, wood, painted metal or corian for starters. Trays styles include: slatted, ribbed, totally flat and can be surface mounted or fitted flush with the surrounding floor level.

6. Where will you keep bottles/soaps? We offer modular bottle holders/towel rails and wall recessed solutions (Agape Square or Sen for example).

Contact us for advice on any of the above.

Agape Flat D Type 'XC2' for wetrooms or non Agape trays.

Agape Flat D Type 'F2P' with cristalplant flat base, Square taps * Example price below

Agape Flat D Type 'C6P' with teak slats, Fez taps

Agape 'Flat D' shower range features clear, frosted or screen- printed crystal glass doors, and panel supports that also serve as water outlets or simply hold up the curtain. With hinged

or sliding doors, or open access. Possible solutions include: with or without shower tray, with smooth or slatted Exmar, oak or teak footboards. Available in versions with support components that can be built into the wall or positioned externally.

Antonio Lupi '013' trays consist of 13cm slats made of corian or wood. They can be combined with glass enclosures or use your own. Shown with Antonio Lupi combined support/showerhead

See pdf

Antonio Lupi 'Zeromatt ML' tray in matt Ceramilux is available in 70,80,90cm widths and sizes upto 2.5m and with a normal drain cover

See pdf

Rasodoccia and Filodoccia by Megius was a well kept secret until we decided to share......

Shower trays in teak, painted aluminium and solid surface. Glass enclosures in tinted glasses with integrated shower fittings/supports and keenly priced




Bette 'Floor' is a flush level access shower tray in a choice of 22 colours. We can also supply this item with a minimal glass enclosure.

Antonio Lupi produce a selection of great shower heads that offer different spray patterns and a refreshing water sheet effect. Made from polished steel.





This project features our 'Cubo Doccia' showerhead. This polished steel box comes in surface mount or fully recessed versions. Sizes 15x15cm or 30x15cm. The shower valve is a highly individual design by Falper. The plate and handles are made from white Cristalplant to match our baths and basins made of the same material. Each valve is hand soldered and finished. Finally the drainage is an 'edge to wall' design that can be fitted with any stone or tile you choose, any size is possible

Falper shower valve

The Vola 'Round' shower series has been newly launched in 2015. Possibly the nicest handshower in the world. This Danish brand is the epitome of classic design and elegance. The range has wall,ceiling and a varieties of hand shower as well as body jets for an all round spa experience.

Finishes in steel, chrome, brushed chrome or any colour you can dream of.....

Vola 'FS3' floor standing shower.



Agape 'Flat D' versions



Agape 'PDX' made of White Ceramilux® in a glossy or matt finish. With customisable dimensions and the possibility of insetting into the floor, this solution is highly flexible and adapts to any situation. Perfect to complement Flat D type 0 or X showers.

'SEN' shower fittings