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1. Choose your size Single (800 or 1200mm wide)

Doubles from 1600mm Triples from 2100mm. *Multi spaces and custom sizes available*

2. Choose the style of the 'slump' (the area that the water lands on) from Geo, Linea, Onda

3. Choose the material from: White solid surface, Stones, Ceasarstone or Custom.

  For sizes see pdf

How to install washplanes

Onda glass Washplane  drainage detail

Geo white Solid surface single

Linea soild surface single

Geo 'Noir' Italian marble

Onda Washplane detail

Thomas Coward designed basins add to the product range still unconventional yet beautifully practical. Signature pieces include: Motif glass, Latis and Dune.

Omvivo Basins pdf     

Latis range pdf

Motif 'Pebble' glass

Motif 'Kalidescope' glass

'Dune' solid surface white or black versions.1230mm wide

KL' soild surface or stones

'Le Cob' corian and glass bath

Motif' is made of white 'solid surface' which is a smooth satin material with natural minerals and 'easy clean' properties. The glass etched bottom is one of a kind.




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@ 23Degrees

Sydney Opera House. A perfect example of seamless on-site joining

Latis basin

Omvivo, Formed in 1991 by Italian designer Joseph Licciardi provides some beautiful innovative products. Washplanes are their signature pieces. Here's how to order