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23Degrees has always been the 1st to embrace new designs and materials as they have come to the market. Change is good, right? Since 2000 we have formed great relationships with the most imaginative Italian tile and materials producers. We have extensive experience with wetrooms, mosaic tiles, large format tiles, steam rooms, resin floors and raw plaster finishes. These hand chosen products highlight our experience and commitment to obtaining the "New-Modern". Feel free to Contact us with any questions and project enquiries

INTRODUCING: Matteo Brioni Raw Earth clay plasters, an exciting new addition to our finishes range

Raw Earth is a contemporary building material: beautiful, hypoallergenic and versatile. Matteo Brioni's earth is the result of a meticulous pre-selection of clays and aggregates originating from various territories and blended together to obtain chromatic, tactile, and functional qualities. Colours:  Matteo Brioni's colours are the result of mixing different clays, originating from different regions of Italy. Free from any type of pigment, natural or synthetic, they express the quality of their land of origin and their name evokes the invitation of natural products, they can be easily co-ordinated or used as they come. Transform any space into an inviting place, discreet elegance and always contemporary. Textures : The textures add tactile and perceptive dimensions to the clay surfaces, through the addition of natural elements, Jute, wheat, hemp and rice give texture. Mica, mother of pearl, and hematite give the clay a light and brilliant reflection. Onyx, sodalite and quartz give the clay a used and worn appearance

Matteo Brioni TerraPlus is a water resistant clay plaster for bathroom use. Terraplus is a mixture of earth and clay amalgamated with polymers in aqueous emulsion, for attaining high degrees of mechanical resistance to abrasion and water, yet remaining permeable. In this way TerraPlus can be used to achieve continuous horizontal and vertical coverings, to finish showers and all areas in contact with water. It is applied by trowel in two or more coats to a thickness of about 3 mm. 26 kg buckets.